ClimateSnack London

Slide1ClimateSnack held its inaugural London meeting in cooperation with the Climate-KIC summer school and the Grantham Institute on 31st July. ClimateSnack’s Will Ball and Sian Williams introduced the concept and told the attendees how they may benefit from being involved in the community.  

The ultimate goal of ClimateSnack is to help all its members improve their writing skills in order to benefit the scientific communication and career prospects.

Group work at the inaugural ClimateSnack London meeting in July, 2013.

Group work at the inaugural ClimateSnack London meeting in July, 2013.

Whether you are interested in becoming a group leader, an author or if you just like reading the articles, you are very welcome to get in touch. ClimateSnack is open to all Masters/PhD students and early career scientists in climate-related disciplines. Even if you are a visiting researcher in London at the moment, we encourage you to attend the one of the upcoming ClimateSnack-London group meetings and see what ClimateSnack is all about.

If you have any questions please contact us at or twitter @climatesnack 

ClimateSnack would like to thank Climate-KIC and the Grantham Institute for their support!


About ClimateSnack

This is the ClimateSnack administrator who will post snacks about ClimateSnack events, news and developments.
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