ClimateSnack arrives at the University of Birmingham

UoBirminghamLast Friday saw the beginnings of a ClimateSnack group at the University of Birmingham, UK. Presenting at an event run by the graduate school on “communicating research to a general audience”, ClimateSnack enthusiast Rosalind Davies introduced a room of UoB researchers to the idea of ClimateSnack. Fuelled on free doughnuts, the audience were enthusiastic and the climate scientists among them seemed keen to get involved. The aim is to have an inaugural meeting in January and then develop the group.

As well as questions about the content of snacks, yet another benefit of ClimateSnack came to light! As researchers, the ability to be able to give feedback on other people’s work (particularly in areas only loosely related to your own research) is vital. Reviewing papers, proposals and marking work from students is all part of life as an academic, and practising constructive criticism in the ClimateSnack environment seems an excellent way to improve.

Although our UoB group of ClimateSnackers is still only small, the members are from a wide range of disciplines, and it’s hoped that this will encourage other colleagues to get involved. This variety should lead to some really useful insights on a broad range of topics. Watch this space…!

If you are at UoB and interested in being involved in ClimateSnack, then get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email at

[image source: sw77 on Flickr]


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