ClimateSnack at Stockholm University


When the word “photo” was mentioned, everyone ran away except three courageous snackers, willing to celebrate the inaugural meeting with a solemn group portrait.

Last Wednesday marked the birth of ClimateSnack at Stockholm University (SU). Eleven enthusiastic ‘snackers’ gathered for a lively feedback session on the first Swedish Snack (soon on this website!).

Gabriele Messori, from the Department of Meteorology, held an introductory seminar earlier in the month. The proactive attitude of other members of the department, and the support of the Bert Bolin Centre, allowed things to move swiftly. Only two weeks later, the first SU ClimateSnack meeting was taking place! Researchers from the Department of Applied Environmental Science and the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology braved the cold and also joined the group, providing a very diverse range of backgrounds.

Hopefully this was just the first of a long series of meetings at SU! We are planning on having monthly meetings, and numerous members have already volunteered to write Snacks. Ideas for these ranged from the European Union’s emission targets to rainfall variability in the Sahel region.

ClimateSnack is open to all research students and early career scientists in climate-related disciplines. If you want to join the community, or are just curious to see what it’s all about, come to our next meeting here in Stockholm! You can contact us on FacebookTwitter or email ( and/or


About ClimateSnack

This is the ClimateSnack administrator who will post snacks about ClimateSnack events, news and developments.
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