ClimateSnack Norwich blossoms

The UEA ClimateSnack hanging out on campus

The UEA ClimateSnack hanging out on campus

After the set up of a small pilot group and a very productive advertising campaign, the University of East Anglia in Norwich (United Kingdom) officially has a ClimateSnack writing group! Admittedly, it all started on a bit of a misunderstanding: a vague “hum yeah, I’ll write one day when I have time” on Twitter, followed by a brief exchange of rushed words during a summer school. It soon blossomed into “There is now a writing group at UEA!” thanks to the energy and support of five motivated PhD students. They started writing in October and have already produced five snacks! You can read them here, here, here, here and, not least, here.

Now that everyone is (momentarily) back from fieldwork or conferences, we decided to expand, and we now welcome six new members! The group boasts 10 PhD students and one post-doc, all in Environmental Sciences, working on completely different topics from Norwich butterflies to Antarctic glaciers. More importantly, we are also friends who enjoy having their morning coffee or Friday evening beer(s) together, whilst talking about science of course!

Our first official group meeting proved very successful, with a lot of great ideas popping up from all directions regarding individual or group snacks. You will be able to read something new from us quite soon, be it about the top of the stratosphere or the bottom of the oceans.

If you are at UEA and interested in becoming part of our group, write me an email.

From Céline, Amee, Ben, Karin, Louise, Markus, Osgur, Richard, Rhiannon, Umberto and Tahmeena 


About Céline Heuzé

I am a researcher at the University of Gothenburg, southwest Sweden, looking at the global transport of heat by deep ocean currents. I am particularly interested in the North Atlantic - Arctic connection, that I study using a combination of historical in-situ observations, coupled climate models, and remote sensing. Before that and up until 2015, I was doing my PhD in England, focusing on the Southern Ocean in climate models. I'm also a keen reader, an amateur philologist, an ambitious balcony-gardener, and a stereotypical French cheese eater.
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