ClimateSnack is an international and inter-disciplinary community where early career scientists interact in order to improve their writing and communication skills. ClimateSnack welcomes and encourages all young and early-career climate scientists irrespective of present writing skills and experience.

ClimateSnack encourages the formation of writing groups at research institutes around the world – if there isn’t a group where you are, why not set one up?. These groups provide a platform to discuss and give feedback on ideas and articles, aiding the revision and learning process. Afterwards, members publish their articles online, where the international ClimateSnack community can give feedback via the interactive ClimateSnack.com website. This interactive process, in tandem with extensive scientific outreach, will allow researchers to become aware of relevant research beyond their field and lead to a better understanding of climate research around the globe.

ClimateSnack.com also contains lectures and resources to help all our members develop a solid foundation upon which to build their writing skills.

The ClimateSnack process adopts the RECITe approach to achieve success.  REpetition, Continuity, Interaction and Truimph. Repetition is the mother of skill and can only be achieved by applying those skills on a continuous basis. By interacting with our peers through regular meetings, the publication of articles and by reviewing others’ work, we can triumph over our fears of opening ourselves up to constructive criticism and disagreement.

Our main objectives

1. ClimateSnack will offer the best solution for young and early-career scientists, from MSc and upwards, to improve their writing, critical reading and communication skills.

2. ClimateSnack will help writing groups to establish themselves and run efficiently and productively.

3. ClimateSnack will provide its members with a simple and clear web platform to communicate and interact with, and learn from, fellow ClimateSnackers around the world.

4. ClimateSnack will help its members to confidently communicate their science to the media and public outside the scientific community.