Our Audience

We write our ClimateSnacks so that other early career scientists (ECR) can give us feedback on how we can improve. ECR’s are therefore our primary audience. However, the expertise of ECR’s within climate-related fields can span a huge spectrum of specialties. We therefore assume that our audience is the equivalent of any intelligent adult with an interest in climate.

In the (slightly edited) words of Ed Yong, this is how we perceive our audience:

” They’re intelligent, thoughtful, and curious about the world. They’re also time-starved and distractible. [Our] goal is to feed their curiosity and keep their attention, to not overestimate their knowledge but not underestimate their intelligence. [We] just want them to read and enjoy the experience.”

Our ClimateSnacks have the potential to interest others in the general public. Our snacks have the potential to entertain and teach a much wider audience than just the ECR’s involved. This is a big reason why our website is completely open to all. In this way, ClimateSnack gives us the opportunity to increase our expertise and experience with inter-disciplinary discourse and public outreach in general.

We hope you will also enjoy reading our ClimateSnacks!