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I finished my PhD in physical oceanography at UEA (UK), focusing on deep and bottom waters representation in CMIP5 models. I then moved to UGOT (Sweden) to study North Atlantic deep waters. I'm also a keen reader, an amateur philologist, and a stereotypical French cheese eater.

ClimateSnack Norwich blossoms

After the set up of a small pilot group and a very productive advertising campaign, the University of East Anglia in Norwich (United Kingdom) officially has a ClimateSnack writing group! Admittedly, it all started on a bit of a misunderstanding: … Continue reading

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Room with unexpected view: when coastal erosion strikes

Coastal erosion by wind and rain is a phenomenon which occurred even before humans were around to spot it. Yet with the urbanisation of the coastlines and the increased frequency of storms and cold events these last years, it feels … Continue reading

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Fun with fluids: ocean mixing and hot chocolate

As my niece just turned 8 and is incredibly curious about sciences, I thought I’d design some basic and fun experiments to introduce her to my research area and interest: oceanography! Unfortunately, fluid mechanics equations are as sexy as a … Continue reading

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