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I am a PhD student at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. I research the monsoon in Bangladesh and I am the founder of ClimateSnack; an community that hopes to give all young and early career climate scientists an opportunity to practice and improve their scientific communication skills.

Dallas Murphy: Science story-teller (part 2)

Last year Dallas Murphy published To The Denmark Strait, the story of the discovery of the ocean current called the North Icelandic Jet. Previously, I asked Dallas about this expedition, as well as his journey towards oceanography and science writing. … Continue reading

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Dallas Murphy: Science story-teller

I find myself often shying away from conversations about my research for the fear that I am going to bore people to death. I’m starting to realize that it might not be my science that will bore people. Maybe the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from ClimateSnack

As 2013 draws to a close, so does ClimateSnack’s first year in existence. In the past few months ClimateSnack grew from a single happy writing group at Bergen University to 6 other institutes in Norway, UK, and USA. Of the roughly … Continue reading

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Waterspout sprouts in Norway

Even though many people may associate itsy bitsy spiders with waterspouts, you won’t see any spiders near the meteorological namesake. Despite their rather innocent sounding name, waterspouts can have a particularly dark side. In Tunis harbour on the 18th November … Continue reading

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Our lega-seas of data

Fridtjof Nansen sailed the Arctic and Nordic seas and measured the oceans for many years. He did not hide his observational data away in a filing cabinet only for him to use. Rather he published and made it available to … Continue reading

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Confusing the Definition (part 2): Unraveling the Confusion

In my first snack in this series, I wrote that we need clearly defined concepts in science if we are going to carry out transparent and comparable research. The monsoon research community still disagrees about how to define the monsoon. … Continue reading

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Rhododendron City

Bergen is one of the wettest cities in northern Europe where normal winters are mild, damp and grey. When spring finally comes along, some deep-rooted immigrants ensure an explosion of color only previously seen in distant lands. Bergen bursts into … Continue reading

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Confusing the Definition (part 1): Misunderstood Monsoons

Before we can investigate the presence or absence of some attribute…. or before we can rank objects or measure them in terms of some variable, we must form the concept of the variable (Lazarfeld and Barton, 1951) Scientific research is … Continue reading

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