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I'm a Post-doc in atmospheric and ocean physics at Imperial College London. I'm interested in many aspects of climate physics, with current work on the influence of rivers on ocean temperatures, and cyclones in the south-west Indian Ocean. My previous research has improved the modelling of runoff and investigated ways to improve biases in the general circulation model forcing of regional climate models.

Africa’s Climate Challenges

Africa is arguably the most diverse continent on Earth. This incredible land stretches across the equator from the northern extratropics to the southern; deserts keep company with rainforests and snow-capped mountains overlook savannas. Ancient tribal religions mix with Christianity and … Continue reading

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To rain or not to rain: Precipitation in a changing climate

Precipitation is notoriously hard to forecast accurately. The formation of precipitation is a fine balance between many factors, and small changes in any of these can influence whether it rains, where it rains, and how much rain falls. Predicting how … Continue reading

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