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I am a PostDoc in the Physics Department at Imperial College London and I am co-director of ClimateSnack. My research interests lie in two main areas: total and spectral solar irradiance variability, on all timescales from the solar rotation to millenia; and the interaction of the Sun with the Earth's atmosphere, in particular with stratospheric ozone.

ClimateSnack: The slow-burning conference

In June, the remote town of Oulu in northern Finland was, for a brief time, the host for Space Climate 5. This was a gathering of space and climate researchers to present their work and discuss what it all means. … Continue reading

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Our variable star (part one): Getting trends in solar observations right

In order to quantify the role that the Sun has played in recent climate change, we need to know how the Sun changes over time. The only way to do that is to observe the Sun using satellites. But, the … Continue reading

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Does the Sun influence climate regionally?

In climate science, uncertainties can hide in the brightest of places. We are just now beginning to understand that the Sun’s effect on our planet may be even more complicated than we thought before. It may even affect the climate … Continue reading

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