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El Niño: a historical exploration and 2014 outlook

‘El Niño’ – a Spanish phrase describing a global climate phenomenon. How did this phrase, which translates to ‘the child’ or ‘the boy’, come to define the ever changing tropical Pacific temperatures, winds and rainfall? I’ll present a short history … Continue reading

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What can paleoclimate archives tell us about the timing of events during rapid climate shifts?

Our ability to predict future climate changes relies heavily on the goodness of physical climate models to capture short-term, regional to local expressions of atmospheric circulation dynamics. This diagnostic ability is aided by knowledge on paleoclimate scenarios. Indeed, we can … Continue reading

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Glaciers bulldozing the landscape the slow way

If we bulldoze a hill to make way for a road or a house, the scars are very apparent in the landscape. When a glacier does the same, we don’t notice it because it takes so much longer. Clemens explained … Continue reading

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Dallas Murphy: Science story-teller (part 2)

Last year Dallas Murphy published To The Denmark Strait, the story of the discovery of the ocean current called the North Icelandic Jet. Previously, I asked Dallas about this expedition, as well as his journey towards oceanography and science writing. … Continue reading

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What price ecosystem services?

The IPCC’s Working Group II report published in March this year gave centre stage to the impacts of climate change on health, food production and labour productivity. In contrast, the potential loss of ecosystem services was largely ignored. The importance … Continue reading

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Sulphate Aerosol Geo-engineering: A simple solution?

“Climate change is the greatest challenge currently faced by mankind”. This quote or one like it has been uttered by many of the leading academics, politicians and celebrities in recent years. So what is climate change? It tends to be … Continue reading

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Urban air pollution and its effect on fog occurrence: a view from Northern India

Many Asian countries, including China and India, are facing a major problem of urban air pollution. This is alarming because most of the population of these countries are now living in urban cities. Furthermore many inhabitants of rural areas are … Continue reading

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The dispatchers of knowledge

Journal editors have a key role in the scientific process. By having the final decision on which papers appear in their journal, they act as gatekeepers to ensure that all contributions meet minimum requirements regarding innovation and cogency. Their decisions … Continue reading

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