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Dallas Murphy: Science story-teller (part 2)

Last year Dallas Murphy published To The Denmark Strait, the story of the discovery of the ocean current called the North Icelandic Jet. Previously, I asked Dallas about this expedition, as well as his journey towards oceanography and science writing. … Continue reading

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The dispatchers of knowledge

Journal editors have a key role in the scientific process. By having the final decision on which papers appear in their journal, they act as gatekeepers to ensure that all contributions meet minimum requirements regarding innovation and cogency. Their decisions … Continue reading

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Discussing science writing and communication

During the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu late last month, ClimateSnack and Resclim held a town hall event to discuss scientific writing and communication skills. The event was very well attended, with approximately 200-250 people.

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Dallas Murphy: Science story-teller

I find myself often shying away from conversations about my research for the fear that I am going to bore people to death. I’m starting to realize that it might not be my science that will bore people. Maybe the … Continue reading

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ClimateSnack: The slow-burning conference

In June, the remote town of Oulu in northern Finland was, for a brief time, the host for Space Climate 5. This was a gathering of space and climate researchers to present their work and discuss what it all means. … Continue reading

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Fun with fluids: ocean mixing and hot chocolate

As my niece just turned 8 and is incredibly curious about sciences, I thought I’d design some basic and fun experiments to introduce her to my research area and interest: oceanography! Unfortunately, fluid mechanics equations are as sexy as a … Continue reading

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Becoming a climate change communicator

From lab coat to laptop: making the switch from academia to science journalism is no easy feat. Science has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. At school, my days were occupied by projects … Continue reading

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Presentation skills

Presentations are perhaps one of the most daunting ways that we have to communicate our science. A good presentation can gain you useful feedback, valuable outreach and networking possibilities. A good presentation might secure project funding or maybe even your … Continue reading

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