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El Niño: a historical exploration and 2014 outlook

‘El Niño’ – a Spanish phrase describing a global climate phenomenon. How did this phrase, which translates to ‘the child’ or ‘the boy’, come to define the ever changing tropical Pacific temperatures, winds and rainfall? I’ll present a short history … Continue reading

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Global flood risk under climate change – Part 1: observational evidence

A beautiful, yet daunting, image of the sunset taken during the 2011 Thailand floods reveals the full extent of one of the world’s largest natural disasters. About 30,000 square kilometres were flooded – an area equivalent to that of Belgium … Continue reading

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Rainforests in the Sahara

The Hadley Circulation, responsible for the tropical humid band across the equator and the subtropical dry zones just poleward of it (e.g. Sahara Desert north of the Congo Rainforest), could be expanding [1]. The potential impact on society and the … Continue reading

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Confusing the Definition (part 1): Misunderstood Monsoons

Before we can investigate the presence or absence of some attribute…. or before we can rank objects or measure them in terms of some variable, we must form the concept of the variable (Lazarfeld and Barton, 1951) Scientific research is … Continue reading

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Subsidence Blue

Most people would think of Hawai’i as a place where you find perfect blue skies everyday of the year. In reality however, this is quite rarely the case. Usually the sky above Hawai’i is filled with scattered cumulus clouds moving … Continue reading

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