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What Is A Sudden Stratospheric Warming And Why Should We Care?

In recent years the stratosphere has become a hot topic in the science community. Many people believe that a better understanding of the stratosphere will lead to a variety of positive implications. These include: More sophisticated (and realistic) general circulation … Continue reading

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Waterspout sprouts in Norway

Even though many people may associate itsy bitsy spiders with waterspouts, you won’t see any spiders near the meteorological namesake. Despite their rather innocent sounding name, waterspouts can have a particularly dark side. In Tunis harbour on the 18th November … Continue reading

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Can the “Maelstrom of the Lofoten Basin” swallow ships?

In 1841 the American poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe published a story entitled ‘A descent into the Maelstrom’ (Poe, 1841). This early form of science fiction contains a breathtaking episode of a ship immersing into a giant whirlpool close … Continue reading

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Like a Rock in a Cold River

In my last snack I wrote about how islands can act like rocks in a river and create beautiful wake patterns that are caught in the lenses of satellites passing overhead. There are some prerequisites: a stable lower atmosphere, a … Continue reading

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