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Improving the odds with my LiDAR

Wind energy assessment is a bit of a gamble. Companies use a global wind atlas where the wind climatology is extracted for an area of interest, to pick a hot spot for a new wind park. Masts are then constructed … Continue reading

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Excitement at the front: one island, two sea breezes

The dark days of winter may have you longing for warmer and sunnier times. For the sake of science, let us get away from this misery. Imagine a nice summer day and place yourself on a beach in Florida. The … Continue reading

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What Is A Sudden Stratospheric Warming And Why Should We Care?

In recent years the stratosphere has become a hot topic in the science community. Many people believe that a better understanding of the stratosphere will lead to a variety of positive implications. These include: More sophisticated (and realistic) general circulation … Continue reading

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Waterspout sprouts in Norway

Even though many people may associate itsy bitsy spiders with waterspouts, you won’t see any spiders near the meteorological namesake. Despite their rather innocent sounding name, waterspouts can have a particularly dark side. In Tunis harbour on the 18th November … Continue reading

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To index or not to index?

Imagine trying to explain whether or not it is a wet and warm winter on the western coast of Norway based on the surface air pressure in Iceland. Sounds far fetched? That’s in a way what researchers do to simplify … Continue reading

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The making of an ocean wave (forecast)

A big winter storm is brewing in the North Atlantic. Meteorologists on TV exclaim that there is a developing storm system just south of Iceland, and that the current position of the polar front will most likely steer the low … Continue reading

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Confusing the Definition (part 2): Unraveling the Confusion

In my first snack in this series, I wrote that we need clearly defined concepts in science if we are going to carry out transparent and comparable research. The monsoon research community still disagrees about how to define the monsoon. … Continue reading

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Low Level Jets at the Ice Edge

What are ice edge jets and why should we care? The ice edge is the border between the sea ice and the open ocean (Figure 1), and jets are bands of high wind speeds in the atmosphere. Earlier studies showed … Continue reading

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