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Dallas Murphy: Science story-teller (part 2)

Last year Dallas Murphy published To The Denmark Strait, the story of the discovery of the ocean current called the North Icelandic Jet. Previously, I asked Dallas about this expedition, as well as his journey towards oceanography and science writing. … Continue reading

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Discussing science writing and communication

During the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu late last month, ClimateSnack and Resclim held a town hall event to discuss scientific writing and communication skills. The event was very well attended, with approximately 200-250 people.

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ClimateSnack: The slow-burning conference

In June, the remote town of Oulu in northern Finland was, for a brief time, the host for Space Climate 5. This was a gathering of space and climate researchers to present their work and discuss what it all means. … Continue reading

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Captain Climate – Talking to WALLY BROECKER Part I

I can hardly believe my luck: to interview the greatest climate researcher of our times! He is the climate science pioneer who invented the very expression global warming, who discovered the ocean conveyor belt and revolutionized our understanding of the … Continue reading

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ClimateSnack London

ClimateSnack held its inaugural London meeting in cooperation with the Climate-KIC summer school and the Grantham Institute on 31st July. ClimateSnack’s Will Ball and Sian Williams introduced the concept and told the attendees how they may benefit from being involved in … Continue reading

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Norway and the USA: two countries, two cultures – one science?

This post is co-authored by Hella and Aleksi both PhD students at UiB. Hella is currently visiting at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) for the whole spring while Aleksi just got a glimpse of the work and life around the NYC. … Continue reading

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Klimasnakk officially opens

Mathew Reeve officially opened Klimasnakk yesterday at the Bjerknes Getaway in Geilo, Norway. Klimasnakk is a climate blog with aspirations of improving the scientific writing skills of the young and early career climate scientists who take the leap and become … Continue reading

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