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What price ecosystem services?

The IPCC’s Working Group II report published in March this year gave centre stage to the impacts of climate change on health, food production and labour productivity. In contrast, the potential loss of ecosystem services was largely ignored. The importance … Continue reading

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Where is the World Environment Organization?

  While reading reports from various international organisations in the early stages of my research, I found it hard to believe how the environment is not given the same status as other global issues. It is an anomaly of the … Continue reading

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Africa’s Climate Challenges

Africa is arguably the most diverse continent on Earth. This incredible land stretches across the equator from the northern extratropics to the southern; deserts keep company with rainforests and snow-capped mountains overlook savannas. Ancient tribal religions mix with Christianity and … Continue reading

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Climate Extremes – Why the past is just as important as the future

Climate change is a major threat to humanity, on a health, economic and social level. Large-scale mean changes, such as increasing global mean temperatures, will often lead to more severe and frequent regional extremes. Events like the 2003 European heat … Continue reading

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Cough for Coal at COP19

by Isobel Braithwaite and Gabriele Messori Carrying a pair of giant pink lungs in front of the Polish Ministry of Economy wasn’t really where either of us had imagined we’d end up on a cold November morning.  Why were we … Continue reading

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Global flood risk under climate change – Part 1: observational evidence

A beautiful, yet daunting, image of the sunset taken during the 2011 Thailand floods reveals the full extent of one of the world’s largest natural disasters. About 30,000 square kilometres were flooded – an area equivalent to that of Belgium … Continue reading

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