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Confusing the Definition (part 2): Unraveling the Confusion

In my first snack in this series, I wrote that we need clearly defined concepts in science if we are going to carry out transparent and comparable research. The monsoon research community still disagrees about how to define the monsoon. … Continue reading

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Confusing the Definition (part 1): Misunderstood Monsoons

Before we can investigate the presence or absence of some attribute…. or before we can rank objects or measure them in terms of some variable, we must form the concept of the variable (Lazarfeld and Barton, 1951) Scientific research is … Continue reading

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When is the monsoon the monsoon?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word monsoon? If one searches for a definition of the monsoon, you soon realises that there are many different definitions of the monsoon, some relying on, rainfall, outgoing longwave radiation or … Continue reading

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