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New ClimateSnack Website

We have recently launched the all-new ClimateSnack website. The website address is As you can see from the url, the old site is now only found via We have already published a couple of snacks on the new … Continue reading

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Where is the World Environment Organization?

  While reading reports from various international organisations in the early stages of my research, I found it hard to believe how the environment is not given the same status as other global issues. It is an anomaly of the … Continue reading

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Hydrology and hydrological model

Quite often people ask me about my field of study in parties or activity groups out of geo department. When I answer: “hydrology”, there is a large chance that a big question mark shows on their face with a “not … Continue reading

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ClimateSnack: The slow-burning conference

In June, the remote town of Oulu in northern Finland was, for a brief time, the host for Space Climate 5. This was a gathering of space and climate researchers to present their work and discuss what it all means. … Continue reading

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Captain Climate – Talking to WALLY BROECKER Part I

I can hardly believe my luck: to interview the greatest climate researcher of our times! He is the climate science pioneer who invented the very expression global warming, who discovered the ocean conveyor belt and revolutionized our understanding of the … Continue reading

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Small talk – the model way

This snack is hopefully the first in a series  discussing the uncertainties and errors in climate simulations. I feel this important topic is often misunderstood by public and even by scientists, but it is of great importance when trying to … Continue reading

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Earth Science goes Star Wars – how lasers can catch the wind

If you think that wind directions are still estimated by holding your index finger into sky, you are not up to date. Star Wars technologies have entered the real scientific world of experimental atmospheric researchers. Traditional meteorological wind measurements (e.g. … Continue reading

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Klimasnakk officially opens

Mathew Reeve officially opened Klimasnakk yesterday at the Bjerknes Getaway in Geilo, Norway. Klimasnakk is a climate blog with aspirations of improving the scientific writing skills of the young and early career climate scientists who take the leap and become … Continue reading

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