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Glaciers bulldozing the landscape the slow way

If we bulldoze a hill to make way for a road or a house, the scars are very apparent in the landscape. When a glacier does the same, we don’t notice it because it takes so much longer. Clemens explained … Continue reading

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Does a warming world increase the risk of North Atlantic tsunamis?

News from another country Watching from the comfort of a European city, the images streamed from Japan of muddy, debris filled seawater flooding towns during the Sendai tsunami seemed entirely foreign. Think back though and we come to the events … Continue reading

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Captain Climate – Talking to WALLY BROECKER Part II: CO2 and Global Warming

Wally Broecker is a climate researcher who has had so much impact in his field that he is considered one of the most important figures in ongoing climate research. If we picture climate research as a ship navigating in the … Continue reading

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Warm Winds of Change: Sporadic Heat Transport in the Atmosphere

The Sun is Earth’s largest source of energy. In addition to being essential for plant and animal life, this energy is also behind almost all aspects of our weather and climate. Due to the fact that the Earth is approximately … Continue reading

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Low Level Jets at the Ice Edge

What are ice edge jets and why should we care? The ice edge is the border between the sea ice and the open ocean (Figure 1), and jets are bands of high wind speeds in the atmosphere. Earlier studies showed … Continue reading

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Alexander Korablev: On the quest for variability

Variability in our oceans influences the variability in our atmosphere through complex air-sea interactions. We need to fully understand variability in both the ocean and the atmosphere to fully understand our cli­­­mate. This sounds obvious, but has previously been fraught … Continue reading

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Like a Rock in a Cold River

In my last snack I wrote about how islands can act like rocks in a river and create beautiful wake patterns that are caught in the lenses of satellites passing overhead. There are some prerequisites: a stable lower atmosphere, a … Continue reading

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Moving a mountain on a needle

It’s been cold in Bergen the past few days. And before that it was wet, very wet. This combination has lead to some interesting effects. For the first time in several years, we have seen the fjord freeze over around … Continue reading

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